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October 15, 2001

The Fortune Card

For quite a few days, I've been at a loss regarding what to post here. I've tossed around a few ideas and scrapped a few half-written posts. The original intent of this blog was for past life material...but it has turned into my metaphysical place.

At Tracy's request... I'm going to pick a tarot card and blog about it. I use the Crowley Deck - mostly because the symbolism speaks to me.

The card which came up is the Fortune card. It is the X of the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana signify issues that are of a greater importance than the mundane issues indicated by the Minor Arcana (which correspond roughly to the Ace - King of a common playing deck).

Ten signifies a new beginning. Think of going all the way up to nine on one issue and then the ten is the start of the next level or issue. The card depicts a Wheel of Fortune with a Sphinx, Monkey and Crocodile. But the wheel itself is not the focus at this time. The part of the card which is drawing most of my attention is the area of golden lightning. The arena which is going to "turn" relates to communications.

The next symbol to capture my attention is the light purple triangle behind the wheel. The violet (in Egyptian mythology) is the color of the warrior and deals with acting without hesitation. The triangle is also seen on the Three of Disks (Work). Ah...perhaps this card is showing me that my work situation is about to change soon? I hope so. The creative little swirls are also drawing my attention. They appear to be coming out of the triangle, however, closer inspection reveals that they are actually coming from the ten spokes of the wheel. The point of the triangle is upward.

From the information gathered, I'm getting the impression that perhaps this reading relates to abundance (Jupiter symbol on the card) coming into my life. The work will be creative or I will find a creative way of finding work. With a Major Arcana card presenting itself, it's probably going to be a job where I was "meant to work there." I've had a couple of jobs like that.

*shakes head in wonder* Okay...so while I'm writing the above, I get an email. It's from a visitor to my site. She's a graphic artist (a very good one too). She writes to me about the Careers in Computing part of my site ... looking for some help breaking into professional graphics design.

Sheesh... is this card for me or was it for her? Hopefully what goes around comes around...and the good vibes I just sent her way will come back my way.

Posted by BlueWolf on October 15, 2001 11:56 AM