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BlueWolf's Howl

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May 30, 2002

Three Things

1. FBI warns of shoulder-fired missles threat

Although the warning is vague (as is the threat), it still is worth some attention. Sure, the tube was found in Saudi Arabia. But it's the idea that this could happen that we need to heed. We cannot stay in hypervigilant mode for an extended period. That would wear on us. But we have to consider every possibility now. We have been shown that our "unthinkable" is not so inconceivable to others.

2. Escalation of hostilities between Pakistan and India

Again, this seems so remote from our daily lives, but it's not. The repositioning of Pakistan's troops and its effect on our efforts in Afghanistan are the least of our worries. Both India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons. And you say, "So what? Both the US and Russia had nukes and we got through the Cold War without any mushroom clouds." Yes, but the leaders of the US and Russia both understood the concept of mutual annihilation. It's still to be proven that the leaders of other countries fully grasp that concept. And if both sides nuke each other into oblivion, what happens when those radioactive clouds are blown by the wind in whatever direction? It will undoubtedly affect much more than just Ground Zero. We can only hope they never feel so desperate.

3. Stolen Cyanide Recovered in Mexico

All 96 containers of cyanide that were stolen earlier this month were recovered. The indications are that the containers were stolen by thieves instead of terrorists. The driver of the truck is under house arrest in Mexico. He left the main road to take a shortcut (against regulations) and stopped to help some men in a disabled car (also against regulations) when the men pulled a gun on him and stole his truck. Regulations are made for a purpose other than mere personal inconvenience. Just doing his job properly would have prevented this incident. We need to realize that our actions affect more than just ourselves.

Luckily, the potential of the third situation never fully materialized. They say that good things come in groups of three.

Posted by BlueWolf on May 30, 2002 08:47 PM