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July 12, 2002

All The Stars!

We all have our own ways of amusing ourselves. With the outlook that I have, I tend to note similarities more than I notice differences. This tends to display itself in the way that I look at people and associate features, mannerisms and voices to celebrities.

Some of my associations are not too far off, since others have confirmed them. When I couldn’t remember the Quality Assurance guy’s name, I just said, “the guy that looks like Sam Malone.” Instantly, my coworker knew I was referring to Dan. Sometimes the connections are flattering, sometimes they’re amusing (to me) – like when I realized a certain coworker looked like Homer Simpson in real life. It helps me to keep from getting frustrated when people get testy (as they will from time to time).

A few months ago, the higher headquarters sent a contractor to our site to set up some computers. The person they sent was totally incompetent. And just as the top of my head was ready to come off, I realized he looked JUST LIKE Santa Claus. He was a portly and balding white man with long, white hair and a thick moustache and beard. We were in the midst of an escalating verbal argument, when he turned sideways to glare at me over the top of his wire-rimmed glasses. As he started barking at me, I realized…he’s Santa. Jeez, no wonder he can’t do this job, it’s not his real job. I quickly excused myself from the room before I burst out in a fit of laughter.

Sometimes the association is right on the edge of my consciousness and it takes a while to place the familiarity. One coworker seemed so very familiar. There was just something about him that was so comfortable and known. It took almost two months when it finally struck me – it was his voice. He has the voice of Ferris Beuler. He also has that carefree personality. It makes work a much more fun place.

And it got better this week. We had a team of visitors from another base to evaluate the network. This is a picture of one of the team members:


Perhaps it was his ever-present smile. Or it could have been his technical competence. Maybe you see it, maybe you don’t. But as far as I’m concerned, I spent the week talking Cisco routers and switches with Captain Wil Wheaton.

Posted by BlueWolf on July 12, 2002 11:02 AM