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July 30, 2002


I should have posted this when I originally said it. When Red Eagle told me she caved in and started using blogrolling, I predicted it. I should have posted it to the predictions site - I could have been rich! And Randi thinks there are no such things as predictions...bah!

Any time there's a tool that's available to bloggers, it will crash due to its own popularity. Always. Bloggers are a tight-knit group. A tool becomes a meme. And just like all the free comments tools... blogrolling has crashed this morning.

Your links have disappeared. Your page loads slowly. Hurray for blogrolling!

Not that blogrolling was a bad idea. I'm surprised it didn't crash during the blog-a-thon. All those updates. (I'm surprised that weblogs.com didn't crash then, either.) I thought it would happen then, but it didn't. I don't know why the site is down, only that it IS down right now. And if the high traffic due to its popularity hasn't killed it yet, it soon will.

If we haven't learned yet, think about it and learn it now. When you come up with a GREAT idea for bloggers, publish the code. Let people put the code on their own site. This distributes the load. You still become famous. And it doesn't crash and become a victim of its own popularity.

Sure, some people don't have the luxury of cgi-bin access. But those who do would put it on their own servers, thereby distributing the bandwidth necessary to support the application. This is the Internet. Bandwidth is important. This is not a tv broadcast. Bandwidth is finite. Popularity isn't.

Posted by BlueWolf on July 30, 2002 07:04 AM