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July 23, 2002


There’s a very interesting article in Business 2.0 about nanotechnology and its application to textiles. I remember when nanotechnology was new and exciting. It was not that long ago. When I first heard about it, I imagined it would be applied to computers or medicine. I never thought it would be applied to PANTS. Yes, I said “pants.”

Apparently they can now make a substance with teeny tiny whiskers that repel liquid or can even whisk perspiration away from your body. It’s amazing how such a complex idea can enter our lives in such a mundane way. You would think that large leaps in science would produce fantastic products. But, no, it’s just a better pair of pants.

Hopefully, they can find a more exciting use for Buckyballs (aka fullerenes). Buckyballs are the third form of carbon and were just recently “discovered.” Carbon occurs naturally in sheets (graphite) and in crystal form (diamonds). It wasn’t until recently that we found out that carbon could also occur in a form similar to a soccer ball. It was that form of carbon that is called a “Buckyball.”

I remember being amazed as discoveries about fullerenes kept appearing in the Chemistry journals (and sometimes mainstream science magazines). They found a way to enclose a molecule inside one. Then there were buckyballs with rabbit ears and other appendages. It seemed like there would be something magical produced from such discoveries. Perhaps someday there will be…

Posted by BlueWolf on July 23, 2002 11:42 PM