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July 14, 2002


Anyone who suffers through the news these days has heard about the Enron scandal. We’ve also be introduced to the creative accounting and auditing practices of Anderson and a cast of quite a few CEOs and CFOs that practice gourmet financing by cooking the books. The stock market and the economy have both been in the toilet since before the attack on America. This is all old news.

Speaking of old news… Does anyone remember Bush’s bright idea of giving us the opportunity to put some of our Social Security money into the stock market? WHAT? Yes, the Social Security that we’re supposed to get in our golden years; we will be able to invest it if we so choose. The program we’ve been putting our money into all our lives so that we’ll have a few dollars to go to the matinee when we retire (cause it surely won’t pay much more than that by the time we’re 60-something), he wants us to be able to put that into the stock market so we can supposedly make more than the dividends of social security will provide.

Which stock market is that? Are we supposed to invest in a myth? (Or worse yet, are we supposed to invest in corporate criminals?) Is that what he proposed? Have you ever known anyone to make money on stocks? Oh, yes… those with insider trading knowledge. They’ve made money on their stocks. Whoops. That’s illegal. OMG…isn’t that what most of these scandals are about?

So we’re supposed to take our Social Security funds and buy up stock that someone with insider knowledge knows is going to plummet. Now that’s a smart idea, isn’t it? Georgie is a genius. Perhaps he will use the money he makes off selling his stock to finance his next campaign. He could also give us another slanted tax break so the sheep will vote for him over the measly $300 they got back (meanwhile the rich get thousands back in the same tax break). He has so many bright ideas. Somebody ought to nominate him for a Nobel Prize.

Posted by BlueWolf on July 14, 2002 10:51 AM