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August 17, 2002


According to an article on MSNBC, the airline business is in turmoil due to the Sep 11 attacks and an up and down economy. WHAT?

I could be wrong...but if I remember correctly, they were in trouble *before* Sep 11.

Boo hoo. I feel so bad for the big airlines. NOT. These are the same airlines that put our safety in jeopardy by trying to cut corners on maintenance. And these are the very same airlines that got huge bailouts from the government already.

Yes, the terrorist attacks did have a large impact on the industry. It has also had a large effect on many other industries - which did not receive any help from the government.

Does anyone remember the dot-bomb failures? I do. I was directly affected. I'm still feeling the effects of it - and the company I worked for (along with very many others) no longer exists. There were no bailouts for the technology industry.

I understand that I'm comparing an industry that is considered "public transportation" to one that is considered "non-essential." But, there are other airlines that are not having the same problems. And it seems as though the airlines are looking to place blame or find a "quick fix" to the situation instead of looking at the root of the problem.

Many of the large companies that are going under (such as Enron) are doing so because of corruption and scandals at the executive level. They stole the money. Okay, now we know what to do to prevent this. Hire executives with morals and strong ethics. Many of the technology companies sank due to a lack of a sound business plan. Okay, this is a good idea and it's wonderful technology. Now, how are we going to make money at this? Again, we know what to do to prevent this. We have to run our technology businesses like a business and have a sound business plan. We need to develop marketable products instead of technology for its own sake.

So what is the *real* reason behind the airline industry's failure? Is it poor management? Questionable accounting practices? Are the companies forced by regulation (or consumer demands) to meet unrealistic schedules?

Perhaps the airline companies need to look within for the real answers.

Posted by BlueWolf on August 17, 2002 09:28 AM