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August 04, 2002

MT Upgrade

After doing quite a bit of my web magick for other people, I finally put some time aside for my own needs. I finally upgraded to MT 2.21.

The upgrade itself didn't take very long. It consisted mainly of uploading files, changing permissions and running one small script.

All of the promises and requests have been put to bed. There are moved domains and shiny, new email lists. And two more blogs have been added to the Internet.

Now it's time to clean off the kitchen table and start drawing. I have a number of cartoons that I wanted to draw and I'm hoping to get them done before the weekend is over. I also want to sort through the ton of pictures I have and start adding to my photolog. Getting them all scanned is going to be the bulk of the work. I don't think I would update nearly as often if I hadn't moved that section into a blog.

I'm also hoping to squeeze some time in for reading. I got a new book that I've been waiting to dig into -- "Graphic Design & Reading" edited by Gunnar Swanson. It looks interesting. It explores the way fonts are incorporated into graphic design. It seems to be useful for people designing websites, and I'm hoping it will help me to design better looking sites.

Posted by BlueWolf on August 4, 2002 06:01 AM