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September 28, 2002

A Faire Day

I spent the day at the King Richard's Faire in Carver, MA with some friends. It was my second time in as many weeks. I absolutely loved it. I saw some of the shows last weekend. This time, we went to shop.

Last weekend I got arm bracers - with wolves on them! [squeal of joy] This time I went to get the bodice I have been wanting all week. Once I got there, I changed my mind. Instead of getting the red and black Celtic Knot bodice, I saw a WOLF bodice. Since it was made by the same shop that sold me the bracers, it had the same exact pattern. There was only one - and it is now mine!

Once you have a major piece, you can build an outfit out of it. So I did. I got a gauze blouse with poofy sleeves that fits nicely beneath the bodice. Ah, the top is just about complete. Now, what to do for the bottom? Since I'm not too feminine, I knew that the long skirt would be uncomfortable. So I asked the workers at the shop where the bride got her dress and the groom got his panels...oh... btw - did I mention >>> not only did I _want_ this outfit; I also _need_ it for a friend's wedding. So anyway...I asked and they pointed me in the direction of some sufi pants. They're like the pants in I Dream of Jeanie - poofy - but, they're a solid color. Then there was the belt, headband and stein holder which I had to get to accessorize... It was a bit pricey (well...the bodice was - it's all leather and suede), but I now have a complete outfit. I even lucked out and got a pair of knee-high boots (at Wal-Mart after the Faire).

While we were there, the bride-to-be asked me to be in the wedding party. Of course, I accepted. It was soooo cool the way she asked ... she waited until she was in her wedding dress and formally asked for me to honor her as a part of her wedding party. She picked out the nicest dress which matched the groom's doublet and pantaloons (with panels). Then she picked out a variation on that outfit (took some of it off and added a bodice) to wear around before the ceremony.

By the time we left the Faire, all three of us were decked out in RenFest style. They also bought matching cloaks (the wedding's in the first part of November). We looked good (if I do say so myself). It made the whole experience quite different. Since I walked into the Faire in pants and a tshirt and gradually added to the outfit, I was more aware of the change. The people at the Faire started treating us differently. Don't get me wrong, we were treated very nicely when in "regular" clothes. But, there was a subtle inclusion and acceptance when the outfits were donned. We moved from spectators to participants. It was a great feeling.

I've been to a number of these types of festivals and conventions. I've always wanted to dress up. I have a couple of times, but it was always a hokey, thrown-together, half-assed attempt at a costume. This is real. This is genuine. And it made a difference. The Faire was much more fun in costume than it was in jeans.

And now I have an outfit. For every halloween party, for every convention, for every faire, I now have an outfit. It looks good and is not too feminine for my personality. It looks like a cross between Xena and a wizard... a bit warrior, a bit wizardry. I'm looking forward to this wedding...

Posted by BlueWolf on September 28, 2002 10:44 PM