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September 11, 2002


Well, I took the test and tripped and fell....... wish I could have put some better news here~

Too fast or too slow? Did I take the test too fast? I felt I was ready. I knew the material. I've proven that I know those skills by performing them correctly on live systems. I make it work. Apparently that's not enough.

The thing that surprised me was that I ran out of time on the test. Did I go too slow? Was I too cautious about missing something in the question that would influence the answer? I don't know. All I know is that towards the end of the test I looked up and only had 4 minutes left. I quickly answered (skimmed the question and put my first reaction as an answer) 4 questions and the test stopped before I could even guess at the last 7. There were only 65 questions on the exam.

I have no choice but to restudy and retake the exam. I'm not really sure that restudying is going to help. The material is already there. (I think that's the part that aggravated me the most.) Perhaps the best way to go is to practice answering questions and reading scenarios more quickly. There were a ton of scenario questions on the exam - which took longer to read than to answer...

I'm pretty much in shock. I've never run out of time on any test before. I'm the one that finishes first and looks around the room throwing spitballs. I'm going to have to figure out what went wrong and fix it. Oh...that's the part they forgot on this exam - troubleshooting the Layer 8 problem.

Posted by BlueWolf on September 11, 2002 06:44 AM