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October 05, 2002

Crystal Work

There are many things you can do with crystals. The type of effect you want to produce determines which type of crystal you should use and its manner of use.

Crystals can be used for healing and for meditation. They can be used to dislodge negative thought patterns that are causing dis-ease or preventing growth. Each crystal has its own essence and quality which can be used for specific purposes.

One of the nicest books on Crystal Work is Crystal Healing by Katrina Raphael. The book has a number of layouts including the full body layout below:

This looks enjoyable.

Some of the common associations are:

Hematite is for grounding. Use it near the feet to keep you connected to the Earth when meditating.

Rose quartz is used for self-love. Before you can help others or heal yourself, you first have to be able to love yourself totally and unconditionally. For some people, this is a very hard task. Carry a piece of rose quartz with you and you will become more receptive to loving and accepting yourself. You may notice a sharp decrease in self-criticism when working with this crystal.

Calcite is known to be a mental stone. Green Calcite in particular is a mental healer and can be used in any situation to reach mental balance. It is also good to use when trying to reprogram old attitudes and thought patterns.

When meditating with crystals, you can either hold one (or more) in your hand, or use them for gazing (like a crystal ball). Some quartz crystals have "imperfections" in them that you can focus on in your meditation.

Posted by BlueWolf on October 5, 2002 07:19 PM