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October 06, 2002


It takes a special kind of temperament to be a healer. Anyone can be a doctor. All it takes is schooling and work. There's no personality screening and you get a range of people in that field from those who do it for the social status to those who do it because they want to heal people. We've all known "good" doctors and "bad" doctors. I think that "thing that we can't put a finger on" that makes a good doctor such (or makes a doctor great) is the fact that the good/great doctor is also a healer...

I started to respond to Dr. D's comment in my comments box, but found I had quite a bit more to say on the topic. This is not to bash or contradict Dr. D in any way. From the things I've read on his blog (yes, please visit it), I get the impression that he's a healer who happens to work as a doctor.

Crystal or healing work is not exclusive from any other type of healing. Actually, you could use it together with conventional medicine. Once you learn the energies of a certain crystal, you can visualize it in your mind and use that quality of energy to send healing while you do the conventional thing... Who would know what's in your mind?

I know a number of people that do this in their regular work. The first one I met was a woman who owned her own plant maintenance service. Her business was booming and the plants always looked great. While she watered the plants she would visualize them as healthy and vibrant. Sometimes she would use her hands to fluff up the leaves -- she was shaping their energy. Her plants thrived and so did her business.

If you read Dr. D's blog, you'll find a few entries on the connection between his work with the skin and the field of psychology. There are connections. Not every thing you will see will have an "other" component to it, but some will. If there is a tear in the skin, or you have spilled something on the skin, that's a physical cause and you put the physical cure on it. But what about stuff like hives? Isn't that caused by stress? All the medicine in the world is not going to fix it if the _cause_ [high levels of stress] isn't fixed first. You'll fix the area where the dis-ease presents itself and it'll crop up somewhere else...

Another innocuous way you can implement crystals and crystal healing is to just have the stones in the room. Crystals are very pretty and can be a very nice room decoration. Just having the crystal in the room may remind the soul of the energy it needs and the pattern/quality of that energy. The worst it can do is make the room look nice. And you can even put them in a planter to decorate the plants.

Most people seek non-conventional treatment after conventional treatment has failed to provide relief for their ailment. I think that if both were used at the same time, it may shorten the recovery time and reduce the pain in the world. Also, this is something that the patient can do for themselves to assist the doctor in their own healing process. Now there's a novel idea, isn't it? Taking responsibility for your own health instead of going to someone else and thinking it's "their job" to fix you (without your help and against your stubbornness)... Perhaps if that idea spreads, people would be more compliant with recovery plans and working on the emotional/spiritual side of dis-ease...

Posted by BlueWolf on October 6, 2002 12:09 PM