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October 02, 2002

What's Important?

As I mentioned earlier, I'm reading Destiny of Souls ... It's a very interesting book and there are many parts that make me think and wonder.

He says that he expected that when it was found that he was doing past life and soul work, that people would want to know who their soul mate was and who they were in a prior life. What he found was that people *really* wanted to know about their purpose on Earth. It surprised him.

I remember doing past life regressions back in '86/'87... There weren't very many hypnotherapists at that time (and the ones available were pricey for a session). Most of the people I knew used prerecorded cassette tapes to induce self-hypnosis. I've used the tapes and found them to be very good.

At _that_ time, people wanted to know who their soul mate was. It was the time of J. Z. Knight (Ramtha) and Linda Evans [can you say "Single White Female"?]. The New Age was blossoming and venerating everything that was "old"... Everyone I knew wanted to know who their soul mate was. Everyone wanted to know when they would meet their soul mate. Everyone thought that every twitch in their pants was a divining rod (pun intended) used for finding that match.

As a group, perhaps we've grown? Or have we become disillusioned? There are many kinds of soul helpers and we will probably run into many people from our own soul group. The feeling of knowing someone for longer than you've been alive has led more than one person down the aisle. Just because you were married to someone in a prior life, or just because someone is in your soul group, does not mean you're supposed to be romantically or sexually involved. Soul matters transcend sex, attraction and time. [Note: if you hook up with someone from your soul group, they're probably going to help you with one of your soul lessons -- and it may not be the happy, blissful relationship you think will evolve.]

No matter what the reason, it appears that many have moved beyond that stage. Growth may not be easy, but it's always good for us. And I have to admit... I'd like to know the laundry list of things I set out to accomplish in this incarnation. I want to know because I'd like to get my homework done so I can have some free time to play video games...

I guess no matter how much you grow, you're still a kid inside... ;)

Posted by BlueWolf on October 2, 2002 10:47 PM