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December 10, 2002

Good News

I took the Cisco (CCNA) Exam today... and I got a 910 (out of 1000)! This recertifies me as a Cisco Certified Network Associate (renews my title for another 3 years).

It took a lot of the pressure off me... It's now a credential I don't have to worry about expiring any time soon. I was hoping to have attained the next level of certification by now (so I wouldn't have to renew the CCNA), but my dreams were higher than my determination.

It was a challenging test and took a lot of time and effort. But, I feel it was well worth all the effort put forth. Now I can study for the 4 tests at the next level without the pressure of taking the exams before the CCNA expires. It should make studying easier and perhaps I'll be better able to learn the material.

But, before I reach for the next rung on the ladder.... I have to finish up the series of Microsoft Win2K exams. *heavy sigh* The one thing I'm not looking forward to is retaking the exam that I previously failed. It's much more of a psychological hurdle than an academic one. And as everyone knows, those can often be much harder to scale.

Well, I'm going to take a break from studying and work on a plan to overcome the mental obstacles to the next exam. The holidays are fast approaching and I need to finish my Christmas shopping! Once the excitement of the season dies down, I should have a plan and be ready to tackle the Win2K Network Administration exam again.

Posted by BlueWolf on December 10, 2002 07:34 PM