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June 21, 2003

Ethics, Schmethics

The hard copy of my evaluation arrived today. The study "kit" for the ethics course arrived yesterday. Guess how I spent my Saturday?

No, I didn't play Nintendo. I studied. I also filled out "The Plan" for meeting all the requirements for a BS/CIS.

I spent about 4 hours doing the first session in the Ethics Course Guide. If you're considering attending Excelsior, you'll probably have to take this course. If you have to take the course - *definitely* get the Course Guide. It breaks the material into manageable chunks. And it also tells you exactly what to read. Without it, I would probably read the 3 books cover-to-cover and still not be confident that I would pass the test. With the Course Guide, I feel like I'm in a "real" college course. You complete each assignment and you should be prepared for the exam. [Hopefully, I'll continue to say that *after* I've taken the exam...]

There are 21 sessions to complete. I finished the first one today. I'm not really sure how long it's going to take to prepare for this exam. I already know quite a bit of the material, so it should make for easy reading. I'm working all the exercises and following the guidance. I can only hope it won't take long.

The Plan was harder to figure out than the Ethics session. I'm trying to work the requirements so that most of it is self-paced. I requested approval to take an online course for the Discrete Math requirement. I looked at all the options for meeting that requirement and found a course that seems to suit my needs. It's really hard to find an online course that fits my budget. Most of the courses are around $300 per credit hour. This means that between books and the class, you're talking about $1000 - per course. I found a course that's going to cost less than half of that - AND the professor accepts assignments through email! Many of the other courses require you to snail mail your assignment and they snail mail the result and your next assignment. I can't wait that long. I'm very afraid that if I don't keep up a fast pace, I'll lose my motivation.

The rest of the requirements are proposed to be filled through ICCP examinations and a few online courses at Thomas Edison State College. The Thomas Edison classes seem to be less expensive than most, and very convenient. The assignments are submitted electronically and there seems to be a sense of time and structure to the course. You have to read the material within the allotted time frame and turn in your assignments on time. The ICCP exams are the usual method -- get the book, study, and test. It's not the best way to learn, however, it is the least expensive of all the other options.

So now that I have my course list (pending approval, of course), I can sit back and put it on automatic. All I need now is a bunch of bananas... Do a class, eat a banana. Do another class, eat a banana...

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Posted by BlueWolf on June 21, 2003 11:59 PM