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June 18, 2003

School Daze

Ah...the waiting is finally over! My college credits have been evaluated.

The good news is: I have 156.5 credit hours.
The bad news is: it's STILL not enough.

Yes, I know that normally you only need 120 to graduate. For some strange reason, I need almost 200...

I need to take a stinkin' ethics class. For some reason this "special" ethics course is a staple of the college and they shove it down everyone's throat. I can hear my sister's voice..."just jump through whatever hoops they want you to jump through and get the damn degree." As much as I hate to admit it, she's right.

I've already downloaded the "free" course outline. I've covered those topics in other classes. But, the class title wasn't "ethics," and it doesn't count. I'm sorry, but I can't believe that words like "ontological" found their way into my vocabulary by accident. Apparently, I've studied that material. Well, now I have to study it again.

If it was an ethics class that focused on technology, it would be easier to swallow. It would also be more interesting to me. Make me learn about the ethical issues surrounding stealing someone's code. Force me to know all the ethical arguments for and against hacking or strikeback attacks against hackers. Require me to study the entrapment issues of honeypots. These are things that will help me to be a more ethical computer professional. The ethical reasoning behind abortion issues or whose life to save in a car wreck means nothing when I'm looking at a routing table.

But, it's a hoop that I must jump through. At least it's one that I can easily see and a path that's clear. They have a study kit available and there is a test to take. I've already ordered the kit. All that's left is to just do it. Not all the requirements are that simple.

The other class I need to take is Discrete Mathematics. What? My calculus class wasn't enough? Luckily, I'm "good at math." Unluckily, they don't have a test for it. I have no idea how I'm ever going to get through the rest of this. Add on 33 more credits in Computer Information Systems to the "To Do" list and before you know it, I'll be a grad. Oh - small glitch - they don't have tests for THOSE credits, either.

I'm going to have to call my "advisor" and find out how to meet the other requirements. If I just focus on this step-by-step, I'm sure I'll step my way out of this cow patty field. I can only hope I can make it out without getting dookie on my sneakers...

Posted by BlueWolf on June 18, 2003 07:48 PM