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June 03, 2003

Universal Tech Support

Okay...I do this stuff all day. I come home and tech support my family and friends quite frequently. I often have to figure out what's wrong with the servers at the higher headquarters and tell them *exactly* how to fix it.

And now I have to tech support my own ISP (domain host).

Yeah...I'm ticked. Yeah...I could probably just switch ISPs and be done with it. But for some reason, I want to just get this fixed and not have to go through the hassle of switching my entire site over to somewhere else...

It's an email list problem. I've been with the same host for quite some time. They allow you to host as many email lists as you want. They have a nifty little interface and you can configure some of the parameters - just not the ones I want to configure...

It's a majordomo list. I know how to use email to configure a majordomo list. It's pretty easy. You send an email to a special address with the command, list name, and password in the first line. The majordomo software sends you the configuration file.

The configuration file is pretty easy to understand. It's loaded with commented information to help you configure the list. A year or so ago...it worked. I configured the parameters I wanted and sent the new config file to the server. It was accepted and the list was configured.

Now when I send the original configuration file back (with no changes), it won't accept it. When I pull out the entire "offending" line; it still won't accept it.


The error I get back is:

>>>> NEWCONFIG listname password
The new config file for listname was NOT accepted because:
unknown key |keyword.| in file listname.new.config at line 37

(listname and password changed for obvious reasons)

The "offending" line is:

# noadvertise [regexp_array] (/./)
# If the requestor name matches one of these regexps, then the list
# will not be listed in the output of a lists command. Noadvertise
# overrides advertise.
noadvertise << END

I've tried to remove the entire section. No workie.
I've tried...
noadvertise << END


Still no workie.

I've tried different expressions in the /./ section. Still, still no workie.

I searched all through Google. No mention of this anywhere.
I searched the Majordomo FAQ. No mention of this anywhere.
I searched the Great Circle Majordomo user and worker archives. No mention of this anywhere.

I wrote to my ISP/host. That was over a month ago. I wrote again. Still, no answer.

I can only guess that the reason they're not fixing and answering my support ticket is because they don't know what to do to fix it!

Gee...I feel like I'm at work....

So - I guess I'm going to have to take the time to root out the person who has seen this before and knows how to fix it. Then I can give that information to my host. And then I can be in happy config land again.


Posted by BlueWolf on June 3, 2003 08:21 PM