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September 29, 2003

2 Down and 2-2-2 to Go!

Yessssssssssssss! *test end-zone dance*

I passed the 640-901 today. I didn't ace it...but, I *did* pass it. I don't exactly think it was a fair evaluation of my skills and knowledge, but...dem's da breaks.

The areas I did well in were not my strong areas. The areas I did "not so well" on were not my weak areas. It's just how I did on that test with those questions under that time restraint after the type of studying I did... For example -- there was a router simulation question that was not exactly insurmountable. You had to do three things. I did the first two and had trouble remembering the *exact* syntax of the third. I fiddled with it a little. Then I looked at the clock in the corner. I was less than half way through the test. The more time I spent on it, the less time I would have to answer the rest of the questions. 57 questions and only 75 min. It's not a lot of time to sit and think about what you're doing. I got most of the question...so I let the rest go. [And, no, you can't go back to it at the end of the test.] So...I know I got part of that question wrong - because of time.

I was totally unprepared for any of the simulation, fill-in-the-blank or drag-and-drop questions. The study guide I used didn't have any of them on the practice tests. There seemed to be a few available at various sites online, but there really wasn't time to order them. So, I basically had to go with what was in my head and try to apply it to the situation. Hey, that's what we have to do in real life anyway...

And now that the 901 is over with...it's time to study for Security+....while I wait for materials for the other two tests to be published.

Speaking of security --
Justice Department inquiry into an administration leak that exposed the identity of a CIA operative
It appears that criticism of the President will endanger your family members and everyone they know. But, not to worry...the White House will investigate to see if ONE OF THEIR OWN - leaked this information. Hmmm.... Now think about it...do the rank and file of the White House *KNOW* who the undercover CIA operatives are? Uh...I think not. So - it had to be someone VERY high up. Yeah, I'm sure they'll "take care of it." Auntie Condie will give them a 5 min time out in the corner of the Oval Office.

I'm sure we will never hear of it...but, I wonder how many people are going to die over this leak? I wonder how many are already dead from it?

Quoted from the Washington Post:

An administration official said the leaks were "simply for revenge" for the trouble Wilson had caused Bush.

Democrats e-mailed a quotation from former president George H.W. Bush, a former CIA director, who said in 1999 at the dedication of the agency's new headquarters that those who expose the names of intelligence sources are "the most insidious of traitors."

And they wonder why it's tough to recruit good agents...

Posted by BlueWolf on September 29, 2003 07:13 PM