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September 05, 2003


Holy F'n Shit! Talk about having a twinkie!

I just signed up for the 640-901 exam and scheduled it for 29 Sep -- at my usual place, on a Monday (as always) and first thing in the morning...
I almost didn't make it.

I waited until the last minute because...Friday is payday and because it would allow me to schedule it 45 days from today if I wanted... I think I've learned my lesson and won't do THAT again...

Since it's after 8pm here, I went to the web site to register. I've done this before. I have an account with Prometric. I've web-registered before...piece of cake. No, tonight it was a piece of SHIT.

It seems that Prometric has decided to "upgrade" their web site. It's very pretty. But it didn't WORK. *gasp, eeeeeek, omg* You select a certification track, country and state and click next. And you get an "unlogged error"... That's it. No further. Stop. Only options for next are "sit and fume" or "fume and sit"... So I hunt around the web site and get the phone number. The office is closed.

Next option: Go to Vue. Yeah, right. I try to log into Vue and I'm forced to create a looooooong membership profile. I can understand the name and address stuff, but when they got to the part about "what were the last 3 meals you ate," I thought it a bit much. But, I suffered through it. Then I got to the end where MOST places ask you to put in a password. No, not Vue. All you get is a web page that tells you that IF you put in a valid email address, they'll email you a password in about 1 business day. Hmmm... that's speedy. But the registration for the exam expires this SUNDAY....

Fume, grumble, curse and sweat bullets.

I try to call Cisco. Nope, they're closed too.

So...although it usually isn't worth it to beat a dead horse...I went back to the Prometric web page. I tried over and over and over. Eventually the page worked. Why? I have no idea. I just know it did.

I held my breath while QUICKLY filling out the forms. I thought for sure the page would time out or something while I was registering... But, luck was a lady tonight and she was smiling at me... The registration worked. The confirmation email hit the inbox. I exhaled.

Whew! That was a close one. If I hadn't registered in time, I would have to study for a totally different test -- which doesn't even have a study guide yet! But, now I can sleep peacefully knowing that the test is scheduled...

...yeah....the test is scheduled.... jeez....I've scheduled that test! I'm not even ready for it yet! Holy Shit! I better get that book open!!!!!!!!!! I only have a few weeks before I'm sitting in front of that monitor with the clock ticking....

Posted by BlueWolf on September 5, 2003 09:18 PM