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October 09, 2003

Exciting Times

These are some very exciting times we live in. Everything moves so fast, that I'm not sure we get the time to truly appreciate it. Yes, it's a pain-in-the-a$$ that we have to deal with the pace, but these times are anything but boring!

Look at how much we've learned just by keeping up with the latest news media circus... They may have called it "Flori-duh," but didn't we all refresh our memories of long-forgotten "civics" classes? But that was just the appetizer...since "Recall-ifornia" came along. Now we're learning so much more about State Government. Well...it seems CA is... And the rest of us voyeurs get to watch and giggle from the safety of our own detached perspective (good thing that isn't going on in my state...).

We also get a daily update on just how far Presidential power can be pushed. What exactly do you need to be able to declare war and send troops...with or without backing? How much of the Constitution can you bend (or break) without consulting with (or in spite of) the other branches of government? Can the President *really* decide which Amendments he wants to abide by and which ones he wants to ignore?

And look at the irony... The same people who wanted to impeach Clinton for lying about a blowjob are the same people who don't really consider it "lying" when Bush took over a foreign country due to mythical WMD. Oh, don't forget the chuckle over the Republican (Arnold) "groping"... I guess that was okay. But, if a Democrat did it...

I still have my fingers crossed that we went into Iraq for a good reason. I just don't believe that it's the reason that we were told. I don't know the *real* reason...but, I'm hoping that someday we will find out and say, "yeah...no wonder...I'm glad we went." I'm not basing this on anything about the shrub. I'm basing this on Tony Blair. As I watched all this unfold...it seemed to me that Blair was actually "let in" on the secret... He seemed scared enough to know that this was what needed to happen. He seemed like he didn't care about any political consequences and that he was on a "mission." For a politician to not care about political consequences...it's gotta be big...

Speaking of big... Look at how much we've learned recently about computers and the latest mass-mailing virus of the week. So-big got everyone's attention. I've seen more Swen in my quarrantine, yet not a lot is being said about it. Oh yeah, we already know allllllll about that.

And we know all about crimes and the rules of evidence and forensics. It's on the most interesting shows. We know all about courts --- Judge Judy and Judge Brown to our intellectual rescue! [*special curtsey to Ally McBeal and cast*]

Yes, these are exciting times. We get to learn so much! Hopefully, it will make us curious enough to stop and think for a moment. Who knows? We might even get wild enough to look something up! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Posted by BlueWolf on October 9, 2003 08:07 PM