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November 10, 2003

Security+ Passed

Yipeeee! I passed the Security+ exam this morning!

It was my first CompTIA exam... but, I found that they're just like all the others. The passing score is much higher, though. I had to get 85% correct to pass. This doesn't leave much wiggle room for ambiguously worded questions. And yes, there were a few. I had to look long and hard at some of them to figure out what the heck they were asking.

The good part of this is that it never expires... I don't have to worry about upgrading or renewing the certification.

From an industry standpoint, it's not such a good thing. The field is constantly changing and you want your techies to keep current with the technology. Well, in reality...we're already doing that. But, having to recertify every few years is a great burden - timewise and financially. Sometimes it feels like spinning plates on poles. You have to keep spinning each one every now and then to keep them all going.

Oh well...wah, wah, wah... What the heck, I passed....

So, I've been looking forward to this evening. I have tomorrow off. I plan to spend the evening and all of tomorrow drawing and painting and other artsy-fartsy stuff...

I come home and see the art supplies sprawled all over the kitchen table. They're waiting for me. They're calling out my name. I check my phone messages and email. Then I open the back door to check the snail mail.

The Study Guide for the next test arrived today.

Posted by BlueWolf on November 10, 2003 06:30 PM