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December 07, 2003

Snow Storm

It finally stopped snowing. There's still a few flakes coming down here and there, but the major portion of the storm has already dropped its payload.

When I woke up this morning, I couldn't open my screen door. The snow had accumulated past the bottom of the doorstep. Within an hour, the maintenance people shoveled a path from my door to the sidewalk at both the front and back doors. Another hour passed and they came around with the snowblower to clear a path on the sidewalks. This still left my car covered completely up to the hood.

One of the trickiest parts of a snowstorm is finding a place to put the snow you intend to shovel. Put it in the wrong place and you'll end up shoveling it twice. I started out with the area from the sidewalk to the front of my car. It took an hour to clear that area and see my bumper. At first glance, it would look as though I'm trying to clear it ALL... No, that's not my intention. I'm clearing a spot to PUT the snow from the parking space. With the front of the car cleared, I took a break. Ahhhhhhhhh....

I called my mom and made sure she wasn't planning on trying to dig herself out. She's 64, but she remembers when she was a single mom and did it all by herself... well, that was when she was 34.... Naturally, I don't let her own a shovel. This cuts down on any foolish ideas. I promised her that as soon as I dug myself out, I would come and dig her out. She went through the usual list of "mom worries" .... wear your hat, don't push yourself too hard shoveling, drive safely.... and then planned a meal for us.

I went back out and cleared enough to back my car out a little (about a foot or two). Ah-ha! Now I have room to put the rest of the snow. I cleared up to the back wheel on the driver's side. Now I'm on break... It's time for elevensies. (Just ask any Hobbit.) I talked to mom again and found that I don't have to make my way from Fall River to Cranston. It seems they have some little group effort going on over at her apartment complex. They're backing all the cars out into a line and the plow is plowing their spaces for them. My mom didn't even have to drive her car out. The couple down the hall got her car out for her. The husband cleared the back area and the wife drove the car out of the spot for her. The best part of all this is that it's the "loud couple" that my mother didn't like too much. I could hear her softening as she told me all about her car adventures. She's finding that although they're loud, they're really nice people. She's already planning on making them a fruit basket to thank them for their kindness.

That's one of the reasons I love the snow so much. Sure, it causes a lot of work, sore muscles and cancellations. But, it also presents opportunities for people to be nice to each other. Sometimes people just need to be given a chance...

Posted by BlueWolf on December 7, 2003 11:33 AM