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February 25, 2004

Bee in my Bonnet

I wrote to Excelsior about Visual C# .NET and here's the response:

Unfortunately, none of the Microsoft exams will cover the High Level Language requirement. The MSCE are only classified as CIS electives. They will not cover any of our core requirements (for the exception of Introduction to Computers). For your High Level Language, Visual C# will not fulfill it. You need a programming course, or a programming language like C, C++, Java, etc. If you would like some suggestions, please let us know and we will be happy to provide them to you.

Perhaps I'm missing something here...

I thought there was a certification called the "MCSD"... Wait, there is! Apparently the nature of Visual C# doesn't meet some criteria... *shrug*

I can see why HTML doesn't meet the definition of a "computer language." It's simply a way to manipulate the display of a web page. It doesn't manipulate data, just formatting. I get that. And in that vein, I can almost understand why ColdFusion wouldn't be considered a "computer language." It's very similar to HTML...but, then again, it does things.

I also understand that there's a world of difference between being able to create a simple batch file and being able to create a simple program - even though batch files "do" things. But, when you look at the end results of the code, it's hard to see why some code "counts" and other code doesn't.

In accordance with Excelsior's evaluations, Perl doesn't count as a "real" programming language. Pity. There are a lot of Perl coders that consider themselves programmers...

Okay...so, if you stretch your imagination, you can see that Perl is simply scripting. Just like Javascript - which also doesn't count as a "computer language." Yes, it's sort of like a batch file on steroids. But, once again...it *does* things. You're soakingblogging in it. [Oh, Madge, are you sure it's safe?] Like I said, I'm having a hard time seeing how this is not programming.

So then there's C and C++. They're "real" and "official" programming languages. Okay, I can see that. And they count towards the degree requirements. Out of the two, I've only seen job postings looking for C++ programming experience. Nobody is looking for C programmers anymore. It's old. Oh...and the other "real" programming languages that count: Cobol, Fortran77, Ada, Pascal, and LISP... Wow. Talk about bleeding edge technology!

At least they accept Java...

Posted by BlueWolf on February 25, 2004 11:09 PM