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February 28, 2004

Done with another one...

I just finished the "Maximum Windows 2000 Security" book... I've been reading it off and on for quite some time. Being a paperback, it was easy to take along on my "Prime Rib Thursday at 99 Restaurant" nights. [I read most of the book in the restaurant.]

Although it is supposedly written by an "Anonymous" hacker, the book seemed more like it was written by a sysadmin IMHO. It reinforced and expanded (sometimes) on the same material found in the study guides. But, it was well written and a good read.

Now I have to find another dinner book... The Cisco IOS Access Lists book by O'Reilly seems like a good choice. You can never know too much about access lists...

I'm still making my way through the BCRAN book. I'm on Chapter 7. It's a very strange book. There are quite a few chapters, but the chapters are only a few pages long. Why they felt the need to chop it up that way is beyond me... And the CD that comes with the book is a p-i-t-a-. It has a required registration for installation. So I had to connect the laptop to the Internet just to install the chapter questions. I tend to use the laptop in the kitchen to study - and do the chapter questions there. If I use my regular computer, I get distracted by email, blogging, and surfing... So now I have to leave the laptop exactly as it is until that test is completed, or go through hell to get the CD re-registered.

Since I've reached my study goal for the BRAN for the day, I can now play around with the Perl book. I'm on Chapter 4 - Stacking Building Blocks: Lists and Arrays. So far, all the Perl stuff is making sense. Hopefully it continues making sense as I get deeper into it.

Posted by BlueWolf on February 28, 2004 06:23 PM