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March 18, 2004

Good News

I stumbled across some interesting information today. If you're among the first 5,000 to get the MCSE 2003, you get distinguished as an "Early Achiever" on your card and certificate.

There's already 4,070 as of March 2nd. Hmmm... I wonder how fast I can get in there...???

Although, I'd rather have a *discount* on TechNet instead. Still...it would be nice to get the upgrade tests over and done with. Then I can skate until Longhorn gets released.

Okay. Studying for *other* tests isn't really skating, but it's kind of like virtual skating. Isn't it?

Jeez. The Minasi book for 2003 has over 1500 pages in it! [Mastering Windows Server 2003] I think it might be part of a holistic training program that builds muscle while building the mind. This way, you'll have the strength to install the server in the rack *and* the knowledge to configure it.

Posted by BlueWolf on March 18, 2004 11:23 PM