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March 17, 2004


Tell me again how wonderful it is for business and everyone in the world to outsource IT...and thereby cut costs for such an outlandish business expense... Tell me again how you can find a similarly qualified IT worker in an underdeveloped country for much less than us spoiled American workers...

Yeah...similarly qualified... HA!

New Details Emerge in Taiwan Braindump Case

3/17/2004 -- CertCities.com recently obtained a translation of a Taiwan Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) press release that sheds new light on the February arrest of four people for selling IT certification exam questions (i.e., braindumps) and setting up a proxy testing network where students in Taiwan, China and other countries would pay up to $1,800 to have others take their IT certification exams for them.

They might have the same MCSE certificate that I have...but, they surely didn't get it in the same way. And if they need a braindump or a proxy to take their test for them...it's obvious that they don't have the same skills or expertise. And when you hire them and they screw up your network, you're going to have to ask someone like me to fix it for you. But, it'll cost you.

As they say... you can pay me now, or you can pay me later...

Posted by BlueWolf on March 17, 2004 11:48 PM