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August 18, 2004

Has it been that long?

Sorry about the long hiatus.

In the interim, I got a new job... It's the sweetest job that you could ever imagine. Sometimes I worry that it's just too good to be true. When I catch myself thinking that, I count my blessings and say thanks for the opportunity.

At my new job, I don't support any users. YESSSSSS!!! It's all network infrastructure -- routers, switches, etc... When I first got this new job, I did a really big happy dance. I was glad that all my hard work had finally paid off. I was glad that now I would have an opportunity to work on the BIG problems instead of configuring Outlook profiles over and over and over....

I also joined an email list. It's for women in business and technology. I thought it would be a good way to meet other women in technology. I guess thought never knew... I've been on the list for a couple of weeks. It's pretty interesting to watch the women help each other. You GO girls! But, I'm really disappointed in the lack of technology talk. It's mostly women in business, not business and technology.

Only two threads talk about technology. One woman asked for help from experienced bloggers regarding blogging software, setting up a blog, etc... I wrote her off list and offered my help and experience (for free). She never wrote back. Wow. Ben and Mena must have gone over to her house and already taken care of it. That's the only way I can explain it.

Another thread started up... Someone asked for help with Internet Explorer. She wanted to know if there was some way she could organize her favorites alphabetically - either automatically or manually. I'm not sure what amazed me more... the woman who owns a business that had to ask that question...or the two goofy answers she received in reply. One told her that she couldn't do that in IE - and she should download Firefox and install a plug-in to organize her favorites. *blink, blink* Another said to just drag and drop like you would in Internet Explorer. *shakes head* Has anyone ever clicked on the FAVORITES menu item in their browser???? The first two items in the menu are: Add to Favorites... and Organize Favorites... And have they never heard of a RIGHT CLICK or what??? Right click the menu...Sort by name.... No plug-in required. Jeez...if the woman needed to ask that question, I'm sure that installation of a plug-in is waaaaaay over her head.

I was going to write back about the thread...but, I doubt it would be appreciated if the first peep they hear out of me is to gainsay another member. I guess joining that list had a purpose, though. It made me realize how strong my tendency is to solve all computer-related questions. I MUST hold back. It's not my job to tech support everyone -- especially for free.

I'm going to give the list one more shot, though. I'll post a request for a shout-out of techies. Are they really there? If not...I know how to remove myself from an email list.

Posted by BlueWolf on August 18, 2004 07:21 PM