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November 04, 2004

11 States Ban Gay Marriage

I originally posted this to a message board, but I wanted this topic to get much more exposure.


As you know... all 11 states that had a gay marriage ban on the ballot passed the ban. Some of us remember when gay bars were raided. We remember when proms were an exclusively hetero domain. Back in the day... (when I walked to school barefoot in the snow 5 miles uphill both ways) the Pride March was actually a protest march.

Fortunately, those coming out later (and the younger ones) have had the benefit of gay proms, gay student groups, and Pride has become more of a parade/festival (somewhat like Mardi Gras). I had hoped that I would have the luxury to complain forever about how hard we had it then... But, it really looks like the religious fundamentalists and those who would deny us EQUAL rights and protection under the law are now convinced that they are a majority with a mandate. [This is very scary.]

Look at the numbers in the news. Only about 30% are really against us and 30% are for us. The other 30% have some notion that being 'against' marriage but 'for' civil unions is okay and really not discriminatory. We may never reach the 30% that are totally against us. They have their head shoved in a Bible while screaming "God, no....my daughter/son can't be gay!!!!" [Whatever *did* happen to Anita Bryant, hmm?]

But, it's that middle of the road 30% that concerns me. Look what they're saying. I really don't think they *intend* to be against us. They are *for* civil unions. This indicates that they don't care who we sleep with. Live and let live. But, when they vote against marriage as though there were some magical way to discriminate without being prejudiced... I really don't think they realize what they're doing. They're sending a message to the fundamentalists that 60% (or more) believe 'like they do'... Once you get marriage banned, next comes a ban on civil unions. In for a penny, in for a pound... Do you really think that in such an environment (as we have now) that anyone would even think of putting civil union rights on any ballot within the next 4 years?

Republican President. Republican-controlled House. Republican-controlled Senate. Religious extremist Bush with the belief of a 'mandate' appointing Federal judges to the Supreme Court. It's not too hard to see that there is a very real threat to our current standard of living and way of life.

We have to educate the middle 30%. They're being used -- just like the 'human shields' that went to protect women and children and ended up being forced to protect oil wells and military targets. We have to speak up again. We have to point to things like this and get people to see it for what it really is -- blatant institutionalized prejudice.

It's time to put away the party hats and get out the protest signs. We need to blog and be seen and speak up when some uninformed individual starts spouting that it's OKAY to discriminate against us. We need to continue the push for our rights before it gets pushed back on top of us.

Perhaps on Nov 4, 2004 I sound like Cassandra. Perhaps I'm totally wrong about losing our ground. I hope so. For all our sakes, I really hope so...

Posted by BlueWolf on November 4, 2004 12:39 AM