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January 22, 2005

Foreign Relations

Okay...overseas outsourcing has been talked to death. We know it's inevitable. Big Business is not a charity...they're in it to make a buck. Okay. So today they outsource to India. Or Russia. Or Mexico. And the Americans that scream about losing jobs are told to shut up and suck it up. Find something else to do. And no matter what kind of tantrum we pull, it still happens. Well...that's our country. We've always fought amongst ourselves and will probably continue to do so. Nothing's ever fair to everyone...

Now take this one step further... Today we're outsourcing much of IT to India. They get very used to it. Their economy grows. Good for them. Five years down the road... (once they're getting proficient/expert and start demanding more money for all the time and experience they now have...) all of a sudden Big Business finds that it's cheaper to outsource to Iraq. After all...we did say we'd rebuild their economy and 'help' them with our brand of 'freedom'... Massive layoffs occur in India (just like they did here with the 'dot bomb' fallout). Well, you know...Big Business is not a charity. They need to compete in a global market and have to cut costs as much as possible. Cheaper labor means cheaper products. We all win... Yeah. Like they're going to believe *that*...

And are they going to blame Big Business - or are they just going to blame the entire US? Would this country (or any other) see this as an act of war? Could the US Gov't *cause* this to happen to any country they don't like at the moment (by offering tax breaks or gov't funding to outsource elsewhere)? And what if this just happens naturally? Big Business just goes on its merry and profitable way while the government is left with an international/political crisis.

I'm not saying this just to spread gloom and doom about the future. It's easy to see this coming. What's not easy is to prevent it from becoming a reason for war. We've already had this issue here. Have we solved it? Have we even tried to solve it? Or have we just ignored the issue in hopes that it will just go away? Now is the time to try to find solutions. Experiment here and see what works. Find the solutions that make it possible for displaced workers to transition to something new. Do it here where you have some wiggle room. A foreign country with a military (or nuclear weapons) may not be so forgiving of any mistakes you might make...

Posted by BlueWolf on January 22, 2005 01:42 AM