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May 20, 2005

Gal Tuesday

Every big-wig has some underling that does all the common things for him/her. And the bigger the big-wig, the more important this 'right hand on two legs' would happen to be...

Normally, I wouldn't have to even think about this. I'm not one to corporate climb -- I'm technical. But, the way this has come to my attention is through the user who just happens to be the Gal Tuesday of the big-wig. They're always the neediest and most demanding of users - they *have to* be up and running perfectly otherwise they can't service [big-wig name] properly... Ah, but what they don't understand is that I want *all* the users to be able to function properly. The name-dropping is oh, so unnecessary and only serves to aggravate me...

So GT has herself entered into three big-wig mailboxes so she can set their appointments. The other two work fine. ONLY the biggest of the big-wig's calendar is not working properly. Show me. I watch her adjust the calendar. She moves an appointment and then sends an updated appointment notification. See? It won't let me do that.

One of the first things to understand in this scenario is that altering an appointment and sending an update about the altered appointment are two different functions! I tried to explain, but she would have none of that. Then she just tried to save the appointment and it worked. *blink, blink* So is it working or is it not? According to her it now only works 'sometimes'... Okay, I'll fix it. Well, I have a few things to do and then I have to pick up my kid. You can work on this tomorrow. I won't be here tomorrow. (I'm a consultant, not a permanent employee.) I handed her off to the IT guy. [She's his problem now.]

Not only is there a difference between altering an appointment and sending a notification about the alteration...but, there's also a difference between sending items "On Behalf of" and "Sending As" another user. My guess is that the appointment notification was "sent as" the original user (probably with no way of changing it to "On Behalf of"). I changed her permissions to full mailbox rights and told the IT guy. Everything should work for her now.

In contrast to this, I was pleased to be able to explain archiving email to one more user. DON'T AUTOARCHIVE! It automatically sets up an 'archive.pst' on your local hard drive (the C: drive). If your laptop/desktop goes south, your archives are lost permanently. Create a new *.pst file. Dump all your old mail in there. Leave a copy of it on the network (where it's backed up) and a copy on your C: drive (where you can always access it). If you ever need to hunt down an old email, you'll always have it. You probably won't need to pull up something from 2 years ago, so you don't need to have it in your current mailbox. This will make your computer work faster. (Actually, it will give your computer less work to do and it will seem faster.)

The woman was happy to be able to talk to someone who could explain what 'autoarchive' does. And even more pleased to be given a solution which will improve her ability to use her laptop. I was happy to meet someone who wanted to know how to use the technology instead of the many who think technology should automagically adapt to the way they operate. Humans. Too many variables to compute.

Posted by BlueWolf on May 20, 2005 01:43 PM