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May 03, 2005

Mr. Watson -- come here

Everyone in the industry has heard of IP telephony. It's a hot, somewhat-new technology. Internet telephony (IPT) is transport of telephone calls over the Internet, no matter whether traditional telephony devices, multimedia PCs or dedicated terminals take part in the calls and no matter whether the calls are entirely or only partially transmitted over the Internet. It puts your computer data and your telephone call on the same wire.

I'm sure quite a few people have already seen an IP phone or two in their own office or someone else's. And yes, they have color touch screens too. But why?

Granted, I've made calls over the Internet. I remember using PowWow (a chat client) with a headset and microphone to talk to someone in Australia (for free) as long ago as the late 90's. The quality was poor back then. But, it has improved greatly since that time.

So why are we still using a separate device to make a call over the same wire? I think we won't be doing that for much longer.

Same idea with the television. You can see many programs over the Internet. People watch tv at work all the time in a little box in the corner of their computer monitor. Why are they still separate devices?

Okay. So some people don't have a lot of bandwidth (which makes tv broadcasts less than optimal right now). But, they're paying $X for cable tv, $Y for phone service, and $Z for Internet connectivity (whether through phone or cable). If you combine the price of all three, it's a lot of money. Take that money and put it towards total bandwidth. Now you've got enough speed to handle everything.

Now all we need is a large device on the wall to display all of it. Hmmmm... Sounds like something from Ray Bradbury, doesn't it? Isn't it spooky when science fiction becomes science's future?

Posted by BlueWolf on May 3, 2005 08:28 PM