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September 17, 2005

Another update from my sister

Hello all,
I spoke with the LA State Police on Tues. The investigations office was who I spoke to and they had no info. I updated them on my info.
Wed was my dad's 70th birthday and I tried calling their number, what I received was that the number had changed. It gave me a new number that was for the Shreveport area and that number said it was disconnected. My thoughts are 1)the system is all fouled up, 2) they have a new number but it has not be connected yet, 3) I am more confused. Try their old number and you will hear the new number.
Anyone else hear anything further? The LASP will keep them as missing persons and have the 708 Betz address to follow up with. As I have mentioned in previous communications the home is not livable and would require major repairs. They will need to relocate and maybe they have already started the process.
Keep me posted of any new info as I will keep you informed.


Perhaps this is evidence that they're restarting somewhere else and just didn't bother to tell anyone? Or maybe the phone system is just going 'a little ca-ca'...?

I have to admit - I've thought a number of times about what an opportunity this must be for some people. Just walk off and claim you're someone else who just doesn't happen to have any of their papers with them. Start new. Start fresh. Start without debt. You don't have to pay off the rest of your car loan for that car you can no longer drive. You don't have to pay the mortgage while you're trying to repair the house that's been made uninhabitable. Sure, that's what insurance is for... But according to the numbers I saw on a few newspaper sites -- 33% were homeowners ; 25% had insurance. That leaves 8% owning a home without insurance. And even if you did have insurance, did their insurance company cover 'acts of God'...??? I'm sure some companies are off the hook with that one. Or maybe they have insurance, but opted out of the 'flood' part of the insurance because it was too expensive? It's so easy to dismiss someone else's situation without having all the details. I'm sure a lot of people have said...'oh, well, they were renters anyway'... Someone owned that home.

Oh...correction. As I'm writing this, my Uncle Tony wrote me. Apparently my father is turning 69, not 70...

Posted by BlueWolf on September 17, 2005 10:59 AM