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January 31, 2006


My CIT exam has been scheduled for this Friday. I accept all manner of prayers, well-wishes, and incantations said for me to do well on the exam. Granted, these things don't take the place of studying, but they always help in addition to it... My mother goes to novena mass and says a special prayer for me before each test I take. I keep her very busy.

This should be an easy test. The Cisco Press book says that the three methods of troubleshooting are: Bottom-up, Top-Down, and Divide-and-Conquer. The Sybex book says that the three methods of troubleshooting are: Inside-out, Outside-in, and Divide-by-Half. And they wonder why Network Engineers wear little hats with propellers. We need a happy place.

I finished the McGraw Hill book on Cisco Internetworking & Troubleshooting and the Cisco Press book CCNP CIT Exam Certification Guide. Now I'm plowing through the Sybex CCNP Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting Study Guide. I took the Assessment Test at the beginning of the Sybex book and got an 81 on it. So it appears that I know the material, and hopefully I can knock this test out on the first shot.

It'll be a welcome break to finish this up and move back over to studying for a Microsoft exam. In addition to the different material, I'm also getting a price break! [Lucky me] I was just thinking about my next step after this exam (finishing the MCSE 2003) when I get the following in my email:

This e-mail message is to notify you that we have temporarily changed the cost structure of this program, which will allow you to take this remaining exam for half the original cost from now until June 30, 2006. Because the price has been reduced only for individuals who are one exam away from the MSCE on Windows Server 2003 certification, you must obtain a price reduction authorization code before you take the exam.

I guess they need to get their numbers up for one reason or another. Don't want a bunch of stragglers still just certified on Windows 2000 when the next best operating system comes out, now do we? Gee, I guess I wanted to read that 1700 page Mastering Windows 2003 Server book anyway...

Posted by BlueWolf on January 31, 2006 10:08 PM