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January 04, 2006

Plenty of Resources

My present short-term goal is to pass the CIT on the first shot. I really think I can do it. I'm halfway through the second book (Network Performance Baselining) and I have 3 books specifically on the CIT exam. Uh...wait, make that four! I just realized that I have the CCNP Exam Notes (from Sybex) - which outlines the 640-506 (old version) exam. So that may help too.

I have the books to read. Some of them even come with practice questions. But a recent email brought to my awareness another resource - an online computer-based course! [I love those] I recently applied for membership in the IEEE Computer Society. I got the flyer in the mail and thought it would be a good idea. They have a Distance Learning Campus and an Online Bookshelf. I figured I could use the tools to further my BS/CIS studies. The main impetus for joining was for the C++ books and class modules. They also seemed to have a few other courses that may assist in completing those requirements. And today I received an email that my membership was approved. So I logged on to see what's available.

It took some time to drill down into the online class area. The Computer Society is one of 38 Societies of the IEEE. When I signed into the distance learning, I found that I already had a number of courses listed under my name. There were Microsoft Courses, CompTIA courses, and Cisco courses. The CIT was one of those listed! I hadn't counted on that happy coincidence.

Before I throw a party with shots of Jager and strange hats, I have to see the quality of the courses. It looks like the same courses I took through Cisco on Wireless. Perhaps it's that quality (one can only hope). I'm sure there will be an update post once I complete the course. And this was available for around the price of one book ($85). From the look of the course list, this may help with the CIT exam, the second MCSE 03 exam and my BS/CIS. I think I really stumbled onto something here.

Posted by BlueWolf on January 4, 2006 12:25 PM