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November 12, 2006

Dropping Packets?

When a router starts dropping interesting packets, everybody knows that something is wrong. Well...something IS wrong -- Cisco is dropping the very interesting PACKET magazine!

Normally I only get to my trade magazines every few months and have to plow my way through the pile that builds during the interim. Everybody wants my eyeballs. I don't pay for any magazines. The mags that build are all 'free to selected individuals' or arrive as part of some membership. Most of them create articles so that you'll open the magazine and see their paid ads. But Packet was special. You could actually learn something from their articles. And now all that is gone.

The letter that arrived with the 3rd Quarter 2006 issue of Packet says that Cisco has now shifted to a 'web-based communications model'... Well, they've *always* had a lot of information on their web site. But it's like doing away with the morning newspaper because all the same words are to be found in the dictionary. Bah!

Perhaps it's a cost-cutting measure? I'm sure it costs quite a few pennies to produce a quality magazine. But, there were plenty of advertisements included which should have offset any costs and could have even produced a postitive cash flow. It is even printed on recycled paper. So what gives?

Maybe the web site will become the delivery mechanism for identical content? Even so - it won't be the same. This just doesn't make sense. Even newspapers that have online content still put paper to the presses. And it still sells. There's just something about holding a printed document that the web will never replace.

Posted by BlueWolf on November 12, 2006 04:34 PM