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January 26, 2007

Going for Gold

This year I think I'm going to do things a little differently... I'm going to go for my number.

"My number" has nothing to do with Numerology or the Lotto. It's my CCIE number that I'm striving for here. Yes, I'm pulling out all the stops and making that my single-minded goal.

Now don't expect a post soon that says...yeah - I got it! It's going to take quite a bit of time to study for this one. I have to go through 2.5 ft of textbooks. And I might not pass on the first attempt at the written (and the lab portion has a 90% first time failurre rate). But everybody's 'gotta start somewhere' and here is where I'm starting.

Actually, I'm already at Chapter 6 of the Exam Cert Guide. It's quick reading -- not because it's easy, but because I'm aware that this is the *old* cert guide and I'm not too pressed to hammer each sentence into my brain. Yes, by the time I finish reading all these books, version 3 of the CCIE R/S Written will be the current exam. So, I'm reading through it with a grain of salt and the V3 Written Exam Blueprint by my side.

I lucked into that information by reading the cert boards on the Cisco site. I've already downloaded all the PDFs from the Online Resources links and thought it would be wise to take a peek at the cert boards. Glad I did. I'm sure most of the books will still be applicable - the two blueprints don't seem to be that far apart.

Well...back to reading!

Posted by BlueWolf on January 26, 2007 10:08 AM