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January 09, 2009

CCNA Voice Book - Done

It looks like I'm off to a great start for 2009. Now if I can keep up the momentum or at least just sustain an effort, I should be well on my way to the lofty goal of reading more this year than ever... It's not even the middle of January and I've already topped 1,000 pages.

This book went down in a week (500+ pages of it)... which is what I'd like to be able to consistently accomplish. Of course, since I was reading it for the information rather than studying it for the exam, the pages went a bit faster. From what I was reading, some of these ideas may show up on either the written or as part of the lab for the CCIE. On top of that, I really need to start into this area. Although Routing & Switching is the foundation of All Things Network, no matter where you go, you'll end up being involved in Voice, Wireless and Security. Yeah, it's a lot of extra work and widens the amount of skills you need to work on, however it's better to be involved in it rather than excluded (and excluded from being listed in the 'valued member' listing when job cuts come rolling around).

All-in-all, the book itself was very interesting. It was new stuff. I had seen some of the material on podcasts from the Cisco site. This book went into it a little more in-depth and covered more config samples than the podcasts. I really liked the theoretical foundation that it presented. However, having made it to CCNP, some of the material was very basic. It really left me wanting more ... and desiring to read the CCVP material. I guess if I have some time and the opportunity, I might take the CCNA Voice. However, if you look at the Cisco site, you can plow into the CCVP with just a CCNA until June 24, 2009. Hmmm... maybe... What's interesting about the cert path for this is that there are two different paths for CCVP - one for Cisco Unified Communications Manager and another for Cisco Unified CallManager. Both paths require 5 exams. Luckily, three of the exams (QoS, CVoice, and TUC) apply to both paths. And, of course, the QoS material is actually a section of the CCIE written. Guess I need to know that thoroughly anyway - may as well test in it and have something to show for the mastery of that topic, right?

Oh, yes, the CCIE written... So onto my next book on the reading list --> Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols. This one is 912 pages. Not sure I can get through that in a week, but I'd like to have that done by the end of the month. From looking at the book, it seems that I've started into this one before. The underlining stops after around 300 - 400 pages. Yeah, that was probably one of those that I started into and switched off to something else - and those pages never got counted. [They don't count until they're finished.] But, since it was a while ago, I'll be starting at page 1 all over again. [I torture myself, don't I?]

Well, off to read - since it's supposed to be snowy and cold this weekend...hmmm.... yeah, I'll probably get a lot knocked out. Hopefully, I'll be posting again soon (to update the completion of this book.)

Posted by BlueWolf on January 9, 2009 09:12 PM