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June 25, 2009

New CCNA Security

I took the test again today and slammed it! I got a 988 out of 1000. Wow. But at the same time, I was pretty surprised when I clicked finish last time and -didn't- get that score.

Okay...so to be honest - I did put a lot more study into it over the last week. However, I realized from thinking about the test that I need to become more comfortable with the SDM interface and not stumble around it --- that way I have enough time and don't feel rushed through the ACLs. Yeah - attention to detail.

I tried to load the SDM on the routers I have in my makeshift home lab. Well, that didn't work. Apparently the hardware I have isn't supported. Dang. So then I got the bright idea of loading it at work on one of the 3800s that happens to be sitting around waiting for implementation. Well, that sorta worked. It loaded and I was able to use it to familiarize myself with -some- of the screens, but the IOS version on the router didn't support much. But, I did what I could and went home. Then I got out the duct tape had the bright idea of seeing what was available at the PEC [Partner E-Learning Connection]. Well, they didn't have diddly. But that didn't stop me. I found a training module on DHCP - how to configure DHCP on a router using SDM. I cranked up the module and come to find out -- the 'sim' was pretty full-featured. I was able to configure stuff on there that had nothing to do with the training module. I really think that working with those two interfaces made the difference.

Since I knew a bit more about how to navigate the interface, I was able to diligently click my way from screen to screen and answer all the questions. The sims didn't take more than 5-10 min each. And I knew that I would have time and didn't rush. Before I clicked NEXT, I checked that I had the correct number of replies for each question. And when I hit any question about an ACL, I slowed down and triple-checked it before moving on. Attention to detail.

So now I'm CCNA Security certified. I already got my email notifying me that my certificate is on its way (and would I please verify my profile on the site). What surprised me is that I received TWO emails. Apparently when you pass this test, you also demonstrate proficiency in Infosec - and therefore receive a 4011 Recognition Certificate.

So now it's onto the next one... yeah. IPS is the next exam. Again with the duct tape. The Cisco Press exam guide doesn't exist. So I will have to cobble together my own materials and training for it. I guess since it worked for this test, it might not be such a bad idea...

Posted by BlueWolf on June 25, 2009 08:11 PM