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July 13, 2009

IPS Guide

Finished reading the CCSP IPS Exam Certification Guide. Good read with a few interesting tidbits. But, again, this is stuff that is not new to me. Oh, yeah, and I read the whole thing online. This book is actually for the 642-532 exam and I will be taking the 642-533 exam. However, I'm sure that some of the material is the same from the old to the new version. The next item on my 'to do list' is the SkillSoft course. Luckily, the SkillSoft course is for the current exam. It's supposed to be all the material for the Instructor-led course (minus the instructor). Maybe I'll put a photo of myself on the side of the monitor and say I taught myself... hahaha

I do have to admit that my prior experience and background in networking is making this a lot easier than if I had to face this material fresh as a new starter... If I had a penny for every time I had to span a port, I'd be able to buy something with it by now. I guess what I'm realizing here is that I'm grateful for the path I've taken. It may not have been the most direct route, however I am making headway.

I scheduled the exam today. I will be taking it on the 23rd of July. Yeah, that's right - two weeks from now. I think giving myself more time than that will lead to procrastination. And it will give me a chance to forget what I've learned. I'd rather push through and use the time I save to implement and practice what I'm learning.

Maybe I learned something from my CCNP experience. I took the Routing and then the Switching exams and took a break. Well, it wasn't really a break - I had to study the Microsoft material to get my MCSE:Security (and MCSE on Windows 2000). Then I had to go back to the last two CCNP exams. It was tough to get back into the swing of things and the exams had changed by then. I already had the books for the older version, but they didn't cover the new material. It was an expensive lesson.

Posted by BlueWolf on July 13, 2009 09:00 PM