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September 01, 2009

Good Luck or Bad Luck

For the past month, I have been dilligently studying for the Wireshark Certification. I am on WSU04 - the last of the 4 DVDs. In fact, I am on Section 8 of that DVD - the last section. So I decided to pop over to Wireshark U to see if I can somehow analyze the wording to see if I am indeed ready for the test or not. Here is what I found:

Wireshark Certified Network Analyst

The WCNA test is temporarily unavailable as we migrate to another exam format that ensures the test's integrity, offers precise and relevant evaluation of the candidate's skills and scales meet the needs of our global audience.

"This is a large undertaking. I'm excited to move to a new test offering. I'll keep you informed of the status at this location."
-Laura Chappell, Wireshark University Founder

The test has only been available since this spring! Talk about trying to hit a moving target...

All I could think of was this little story from some email forward ...

Good luck, bad luck
A father and his son owned a farm. They did not have many animals, but they did own a horse. One day the horse ran away.
“How terrible, what bad luck,” said the neighbours.
“Good luck, bad luck, who knows?” replied the farmer.
Several weeks later the horse returned, bringing with him four wild mares.
“What marvellous luck,” said the neighbours.
“Good luck, bad luck, who knows?” replied the farmer.
The son began to learn to ride the wild horses, but one day he was thrown and broke his leg.
“What bad luck,” said the neighbours.
“Good luck, bad luck, who knows?” replied the farmer.
The next week the army came to the village to take all the young men to war. The farmer’s son was still disabled with his broken leg, so he was spared. “Good luck, bad luck, who knows?”

I guess it was good luck that I didn't plunk down $300 and take a test that was eliminated the next day. And although the test itself is on hiatus, I will just finish up the last section and put my notes aside. My 'plan' was to finish up and then pore through a bunch of trace files for practice until I felt comfortable taking the test. Since I have already downloaded some practice trace files from ChappellU, I may as well take a look at them - but now, I will limit myself to one per day. There are also some captures that I wanted to do in different scenarios related to yet another blog I've been working on. I will still set up those devices and make the captures. But there's no rush and they will have to become relegated to the "I'm taking a break from studying" time... Hopefully by the time the test becomes available again, I will be ready to just jump in and take it.

Oh well - it's September. Time to get back to the next CCSP exam and continue with *that* plan. It's time to update the site again and rearrange the study area and materials.

Posted by BlueWolf on September 1, 2009 07:04 AM