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October 08, 2009

Overdue Update

Ah...so I have been slacking with the updates - and just caught up today.

I passed the SNRS exam. 2 down and 2 to go - both of which are ASA tests. I'm now looking at the ASA Foundation (SNAF) and ASA Advanced (SNAA) exams to get the CCSP.

One of the interesting things that I'm finding is the way this body of knowledge is building inside me. I'm really thankful for the path I've chosen and I think that my experiences and previous training is making the upcoming studies easier and easier. Not that it's a snap - it is a lot of hard work. But I'm finding that so much is integrated and that the things I know from Routing/Switching are coming in very handy when studying the Security stuff.

As far as book reviews for the books I read for this exam ...

The SNRS Quick Study Guide -- not really a fan of it. Granted, it's a good book and covers the material, but it reads like you're looking at someone's notebook for the classroom training. Of course - it doesn't pretend to be a complete study guide - however, it is the only CURRENT material for this exam. [Note: read closely - there are significant errors in the examples.]

The SNRS Exam Certification Guide - worth spending the time on reading. However -- be warned that this guide is for a previous version of the test. I recommend that you read this book BEFORE you read the Quick Study Guide.

Also -- I recommend taking the IPS exam BEFORE taking the SNRS exam. The IPS guide is for the current version and is up-to-date. This will help you in many ways with the SNRS material.

I also read through the SkillSoft Study Guide for the prior version of this exam. It was helpful in some ways and covered some of the material. I wish Cisco Press would have just taken the Exam Certification Guide and updated what needed updates and put it out. It was very unnerving to have to piece together this study material and decide for myself (read: research) what was current and what wasn't...and also what was correct when there were conflicts in the material (and there were some)...

Best advice: When you go through the Quick Study Guide, do a search on the Cisco site for each topic as you go along. There are lots of guides and training videos on the site that will help you learn.

Posted by BlueWolf on October 8, 2009 09:22 PM