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February 24, 2012


Like I said, it pays to keep checking the rack schedule. Not sure who put what off, but suddenly there are slots available. I now have a rack session every day from now until the lab exam - with doubles next weekend. Since I did doubles most of this week, I'm going to take it easy on myself and do singles tomorrow and Sunday.

I'm seeing a lot of pink elephants patterns in some of the scenarios. And I'm seeing a lot of parallels with learning chess. I remember when I first started learning chess - going to chess clubs and watching and listening while those with much more experience showed how to tackle this or that problem. It gets really really confusing when they go down one path...then back up to show a variation. It made my head spin. Again, while I was working my way through the first workbook, they did the same thing. Configure this in this manner...okay I followed that. Now, undo this and configure it with this kind of ...wait, [Lou Costello voice] Now you're just tryin' to confuse me. What's the fella's name on first? (No, What is on second, Who's on first.) [/Lou Costello voice] However, now these twists, turns and backtracks are starting to become 'normal' and I'm finding it easier to remember these things as variations on a common theme.

So a lot of things are becoming 'normal' for me and that's a good thing. The "setup" of my console sessions - this is natural now. I look at the 8 key and think SW2 now. Sure, I know some people are going to hear that and tell me how SecureCRT is so much better - and you can do tabs. Yes, I know this. I've been watching hours of those tabs in the INE videos. However... this is what I'm going with. Sessions. They're everywhere. And the options on the exam are pretty much outlined here: Web-based Exam Delivery System. So from what I'm seeing in this video, the two options are: a central access server with console sessions or clicking on the topology map for individual sessions. Practice in the way you will be tested as much as possible. So, again...sessions.

I've gotten through some labs on all 4 workbooks, so now I'm ready for some hard-core repetition to 'drill' the material into my being. This type of learning has to be done in layers. With the intense 11 hour back-to-back sessions this week, I'm seeing myself change and grow in a way that is noticable. And it's interesting that sometimes I'll work on something all day long...go to sleep...and when I wake up I can feel like I know it better. [Yeah, maybe I'm doing practice labs in my dreams?]

One of the things I need to do is speed up my pace. But that will come with time and practice. What I have found is that the first few labs of each workbook, I use to ease into the material. Although the labs are designed to be completed in two hours (or others in 4-6), I pick one and work my way through it no matter how long it takes. I don't expect myself to know everything about everything. But on these, I force myself to do them through what I know and what I look up in the documentation. This is getting me VERY familiar with where things are in that space. Once I get a couple done like that, I have to get used to speed and configuring. So the next few labs of the workbook I use to time myself. If I can't get a trouble ticket right away (within 5-10 min) I look at the solutions and configure it as shown and move on. I want to train myself not to get stuck on something. After a couple of those, I'm ready to go at it myself and I'm doing it somewhat close to the target times. For the config labs, I'm working out a solution and checking it before I confirm it with the solutions guide. [Oh, it so helps to have multiple computers and multiple monitors to use for this.]

Another thing that has been helpful -- access to motivational videos. Sometimes while I'm waiting for the configs to load on the rack (this takes 15 min), I'll pop over to BraveHeart Women TV and watch one of their 10 min videos. Another trick is to put on a video in another room. I use the ones I've already seen (so it doesn't distract) and really liked. I make sure it's at a level where I can barely hear it (so it doesn't distract) and hope the motivational message sinks into my subconscious (like a subliminal). There are plenty of these in the Safari Library (safaribooksonline). My favorites are in the series called "The Next Level" from Dr. Ellie Drake (of BraveHeart Women.com) -- especially the ones about Transitions, Creating New Experiences, and Dynamics of Attracting Effortlessly. If you have a subscription, it's really worth taking a look at those - especially with respect to taking this exam.

Posted by BlueWolf on February 24, 2012 10:21 PM