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February 12, 2012

Double Header

OMG what a long day! And I have another tomorrow.

Yeah, I booked back-to-back sessions on the INE racks for today and tomorrow. I found out that if you do so, you get that extra half hour between sessions... so, yeah, no break for 11.5 hours. Not easy.

But on the good side, I could actually see a difference from the start to end of such a long session. I actually learned a thing or two and started getting some of the troubleshooting tickets.

I debated rescheduling the second half of tomorrow. This was a very rough and tiring long day. But with only a month to go, I think I really need to push myself. But I'm not going to set up any more like this. It really is pushing the envelope to do doubles.

Update: If you want your rack time to be contiguous, you need to schedule it on the same click and hope you get the same rack. When I had back-to-back sessions on the same rack, I stayed logged in. When I had two sessions - one on Rack 22 and the other on Rack 14 - well, after 5.5 hrs the first rack became unavailable and I had to wait the half hour before the next session was ready.

And - this double session thing isn't for everyone or every type of study. I felt I got something out of an extended session (more than 5.5 hrs), but not so much after a certain point. It's good if you want to do a timed 8 hr practice TS section and Config section Lab and then waste the last few hours. Personally, I think the single sessions are better (more focused) and I'm using them to do 2 TS labs or 1 config lab.

I haven't scheduled any Graded Mock Labs yet. I'm looking at that maybe sometime in early March (after my week of staycation study).

Posted by BlueWolf on February 12, 2012 11:37 PM