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February 25, 2012

Fun Day

What a fun study day today! I started going through the videos for Workbook 2. These scenarios seem simple compared to the labs that I've been doing recently. However, just because they're simple doesn't mean to skip them. I'm going lab by lab and taking a look at the topics they cover. I did all the Workbook 2 troubleshooting labs, but didn't do any of the configuration labs. However, I'm going through them in the videos. I figured that I would save the rack time for Workbooks 3 & 4 since they didn't have video walkthroughs. And once I did the Workbook 3 config labs, the others seemed like a luxury.

Since I have one lab per day - and I'm coming to the end of the 10 labs in each workbook, I'm looking for things I want to work on or reinforce during rack time. One of my weak areas is IPv6. We don't use it at work, so I don't get daily exposure to it. Or perhaps while I'm going through Vol 2, I might see a scenario or lab that I would like to work on or practice. I'm sure I won't run out of ideas or scenarios. You really get a lot to work with on these workbooks.

So tonight's lab was Workbook 4 Lab 6. It has a strange little mixture of a lot of items. I enjoyed hitting some of the more distant items - core dumps, ntp, ftp... etc. The SWITCH configuration kinda threw me...
It was an Etherchannel Tunnel. I must have been getting used to being spoon-fed since normally you see them mention how things are set up. Now on the later labs you have to look. The "Baseline" for this lab was one paragraph that basically said - the diagram rules. No discussion of how the Layer 2 is set up and the only hint of a switch config was the measley port channel from SW3 to SW4 on the diagram. There wasn't even a heading for layer 2 - the first ticket went right to EIGRP - which really wasn't an EIGRP issue and required the switches to be looked at, digested and fixed. Wow. It was interesting.

So then I moved on and eventually came upon a IPv6 ticket. I went along with the solutions guide and did everything they said to do that should have fixed the problem. Oh yeah...but that would have fixed it if I was on Rack 1. So I went over all the IPv6 addresses and made sure they had the embedded IPv4 address for my rack. It still didn't work. I moved on. Luckily, I finished somewhat early. I could have just gone off and relaxed (and I did consider that option), but that IPv6 thing was nagging at my brain. So I went back to finish that off. I looked at the documentation and probably read more on IPv6 than I intended to this evening. I even pulled out the IPv6 study guide. Then I used my old friend Notepad. I took ALL 4 tunnel configs and pasted them into Notepad. Once they were listed, I noticed that R6 did not have the tunnel source line. Once I put that in...Bust My Buttons...it worked!

Attention to detail. Yes, it's required.

Posted by BlueWolf on February 25, 2012 11:03 PM