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January 05, 2017

Section 3 done!

OMG. This is amazing. I actually just finished section 3 of the blueprint. [Despite the lure of a TZ marathon.] That means I've covered 38% of the blueprint already. I'm only blogging about this so I have an idea of how long this is taking. Section 3 went faster than Section 2, so there's not really a way to plan out a schedule and estimate an end time.

Some of the topics within the blueprint are more "meaty" than others. And some topics take up more discussion than others. But I am satisfied with the way things are going with this study method. And I'm very confident about the first three topics - and therefore about 38% of the test so far.

The next section covers "Threats, Vulnerability Analysis and Mitigation." It's about 10% of the exam - so out of all those 18 listed topics, only about 10 questions will be from that section. I'm looking forward to it because those are really topics from C|EH and CISSP study materials. It should not take that long to finish. The section after that may prove a little bit more lengthy. Section 5 is "Cisco Security Products, Features and Management" and covers about 18% of the exam. There are 15 sub-topics - each with their own sub-topics. That's probably going to take some time to tackle.

I've already gotten myself into the habit of writing on the topics. And I've overcome the inertia associated with starting any new project. Sections 5 and 6 are going to be the "heavy lift" of this process. Together they are worth 34% of the exam. But once that's done, it's a brief coast to the finish! Section 7 - "Security Policies, Procedures, Best Practices and Standards" - is only worth 8% of the exam. However, last time I took the exam, this was the section that I really knocked out of the park. Of course, it was a different version of the exam (4.0), but that section probably hasn't changed much - even if the questions about it change. And then the last section is about "Evolving Technologies." This is yet another section that's only 10% - and I think I have the ideal book to cover this material.

Yes, this is a lot of work. That is the other reason I'm blogging about it - so it's visible. Once you take the test and pass it, people no longer see the effort that went into it. I want to be able to have something to point to and have something visible - so they understand what it takes to get there. You can tell them it's a lot of hard work - but if you show them your work, it's a bit more comprehensible. And there's still so much to go...

Posted by BlueWolf on January 5, 2017 01:13 AM