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March 20, 2017

On the Training Train

One more week and the INE Security Boot Camp begins. I'm hoping that they tape that course so they can upload the videos and release version 5 workbooks and labs. The rack rentals are basically "fully booked" for the next two weeks. I'm guessing that this week is being used for building and next week is completely reserved for the boot camp. I have my fingers crossed on this one.

In the meantime, I've been checking and documenting my continuing education credits for the CISSP, C|EH and WCNA (Wireshark Cert). I am well above all the required credits and I'd like to give thanks and credit to INE for their help. I found that the C|EH now requires credits to be entered in their portal. So I had to catch up - but basically it was just documenting the training already listed in the other two certs' portals. The one wrinkle is that they expect you to upload certificates of completion for these courses. INE's portal (where I have done a massive amount of training) does not provide a certificate at completion. As you watch the course's videos, a progress bar is displayed on the course home page. For most of the classes, a screen capture of this was adequate. However, there were two classes that were rejected for credit that required a certificate. I wrote to INE and they very quickly verified my account, completion of the courses and provided certificates. The quick turnaround was helpful and I've always experienced great customer service from INE.

For future reference - the WCNA portal and the FedVTE portal both provide online downloadable certificates of completion for their courses. This may not help everyone - but might be useful to someone. The WCNA portal is only accessible to those who have passed the Wireshark Certification exam. The FedVTE portal has a bunch of free online cybersecurity training for government employees and veterans.

Note that a lot of the training is somewhat outdated. For example, the site will have the course for C|EH v8 and the current version of the exam is version 9. So don't think this is going to be a one-stop shop for getting any cybersecurity credentials. But the training is good (and cybersecurity principles don't change) and it's good to refresh the concepts. For veterans looking to get some training, it's a good first step. [Then get some study guides to focus on the specific current version of the exam.]

Logo and link below for any vets that are interested. If you have a .gov or .mil address, use that to sign up. If you don't have one of those (veterans), follow the instructions and the link on the page to get your veterans status verified by the "hire our heroes" site. It takes a bit of effort to go through the process, but once you get access you will have quite a bit of [FREE] training at your fingertips.

Posted by BlueWolf on March 20, 2017 10:29 PM