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May 04, 2017

More Free Training

OMG I love free training. Granted, I spend some serious $$$ on a number of various training sites. So when I can grab some training for free, I jump on it. And this one is open to everyone!

The free training is on the Qualys site. You can use your favorite search engine to find it. There are some caveats to this training, so I thought I would share.

When you go to their training site, you can click on a choice of:
VM - Vulnerability Management
PC - Policy Compliance
WAS - Web Application Scanning
AV TP - AssetView & ThreatPROTECT

(Note VM is a pre-requisite for AV TP)

It's pretty obvious that you click on the Enroll button. And that brings you to a page where you can download the slide deck and lab exercises. The enrollment is supposed to kick off an email for access to the lab area. It's not that reliable (especially if you use your work email address - it could be filtered or go astray). Writing to the training address does produce results - they respond within a reasonable time frame.

So the first thing I ran into is that there are no videos there! You see mention of the videos, but it took a while for me to find them. They are actually in the "Qualys Community" section: https://community.qualys.com/community/zarchive/videos.

Once you watch the videos, read through the slide deck, and practice the lab exercises, you can take the exam.

These exams are open book exams. You can have multiple browsers open and there is no time limit. There are 30 questions, no time limit and you are allowed 5 attempts at each exam. The passing score is 75%. Once you pass the exam, you get a downloadable (.pdf) certificate. The course is worth 8 hours (for those needing CPEs).

You may need multiple attempts at the exam. They "claim" that there is no time limit, but I have found that the testing engine is quite unreliable. One attempt at the exam - I got to the last question, clicked "submit," and received a "Maintenance" page. [Okay, so it was late on a weekend night.] Once you submit a question, you can't go back - so when I got the Maintenance page, it wasted an attempt (and my time). I tried again the next day (when the site was back up) and got to question 29 - I clicked "submit" and got an "ooops, we can't find that page" error message. Yet another attempt wasted. And the questions I had answered to that point were never scored. It was frustrating. However, I stuck with it and took the test again. That time it worked (and I made sure I didn't dawdle on any of the questions).

So now I'm Qualys certified in Vulnerability Management and Web Application Scanning. (Two down, two to go.)
For free.

If you're not the type to self-study, they also have in-person and online web classes that you can take. They are in multiple time zones and countries around the world. Good luck and keep studying. This time for free!

Posted by BlueWolf on May 4, 2017 09:14 PM