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September 05, 2018

How Tanks Multiply

It started with a slow leak. At the time I only had my (20 gal long) goldfish tank set up and I came home one day to find a small amount of water on the floor. Luckily I had an empty 20 gal tall tank from my previous endeavors and I cleaned it out and transferred the fish. But that was my _spare_ tank. They couldn't stay there!

So off to the store to get a new 20 gal long. I am also thinking about the saltwater tank I want to have so I end up getting a 33 gal tank with stand (for the saltwater tank) and a 20 gal long. The goldfish get put back in their proper place and I'm looking at the 20 gal tall tank. Gee, that would be nice for angelfish, wouldn't it? And then I look at the bottom of the 20 gal long stand and it really is built for a second 20 gal long tank beneath it. And I really did want some schooling fish... So I bought another 20 gal long tank and set it up along with the 20 gal tall. Three tanks with water and one "in process" (for saltwater). And I went through my "fish stuff" and found that I had a 5 gal setup which I could use for an isolation tank. Good.

No, not good. After filling the tanks and waiting a bit, I bought fish. After a while I noticed two fish that were struggling. I cleaned and then filled the 5 gal. By the time I got the tank ready, the fish were dead. So that's when I decided to set up a hospital tank. The tank must be ready and cycled _before_ the fish get sick. It's also a place to put new fish for isolation. So off to the store again and I set up a nice 10 gal tank - which fit perfectly underneath the 20 gal tall.

The tank hasn't completely cycled yet, but today I saw another fish struggling. He seemed to have swim bladder issues (floating upright mostly, but tilting to its side as though laying down). I scooped him out and put him in the hospital tank. Even if it's not completely cycled, there's a lower load (he's the only fish in the tank). For the first 20 min, it was touch and go. But after an hour, he righted himself and appears to be doing well. I'm going to leave him there until the original tank is stable.

And that's how tanks multiply.

Posted by BlueWolf on September 5, 2018 11:54 PM