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January 31, 2020

Corn - Oil Pastel

Here's another oil pastel - reference photo from "Paint My Photo"

I'm finding that some of the techniques I'm using are producing the results I want. It's happening sometimes but not all the time. So I can see where the practice is improving my skills, but I still have a way to go. I like what happened on the corn kernels. I need to work more on the silk - some of it came out good, some not so much. The background and husk didn't come out the way I wanted, and I think I need to find a technique to create the look I wanted. Practice, practice, practice.

One of the things I found from using the PMP site - sometimes the photographer hits you up with a like and maybe a comment in return. It was a positive feedback loop - which inclines me to use the site more. The photographer did this (like and comment) so I did another of her photos... (see the Orange Flower).

Posted by BlueWolf on January 31, 2020 10:49 PM