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January 31, 2020

My Day Lily Bed

This one was done in watercolor and colored pencil. The reference photo is mine and it's a pic of my Day Lily Bed.

This one was frustrating to create. Some of the things did what I wanted/expected but some did not. It's obvious to me that I need to practice more so that some watercolor techniques become easier to implement.

I've seen in a few videos that when an artist looks at a pic and doesn't like it (regardless of what it actually looks like) - it's because the level of skill in their brain exceeds the level of skill in their hands/technique. It was really helpful to hear that. It allowed me to be patient with myself and just keep practicing.

This was done using Arteza watercolors on Arteza watercolor paper. I have some Bee watercolor paper, but I'm saving that for when my skills level up a bit. The Arteza products work very well and are considered "medium range" level of supplies. The Bee paper is something that would be used for a painting that you would give or sell to someone. I'm not there yet. I have a number of watercolor sets and I look forward to practicing more and taking this further.

Posted by BlueWolf on January 31, 2020 10:11 PM